On the eve of Brussels meetings – 10 points to keep in mind!


Prior to the donor conference to be held in Brussels on April 5 and 6 to discuss responses to the unfolding situations and follow up on last year’s London conference pledges, here are the recommendations of the Syrian civil society as voiced out in Helsinki in January 2017 .


  1. Better link humanitarian assistance to existing Syrian civilian and local governance structures. If we are to make resilience real, then we need to realign the global humanitarian system, and strike a better balance between local and international actors.
  2. Local actors need to be involved in decision-making and coordination. Consultation with Syrian stakeholders should go beyond defining humanitarian needs and cover all aspects of the process from participation in planning to the implementation of priority investments. There is a need to move from supply-driven approaches to demand-driven planning and implementation.
  3. Programming focusing on supporting local livelihoods should consider working with and enabling community resilience; it should build local ownerships for solutions and support local innovation. To ensure sustainability, aid should focus on enhancing the multiplier effect of aid and increasing value added by strengthening the establishment of durable value chains and link production to broader international markets.

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Author: Felm

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