Syrian Conflict Dynamics March 2017


The Intra-Syrian peace talks in Geneva are progressing slowly while the conflict dynamics on the ground are changing rapidly. Yet, the disconnect between the top-down international efforts to contain and manage the conflict (entering its seventh year this March) and the local and regional drivers of violence is manifest.  The inability to find realistic compromises among the key international actors is sustaining the belligerence of Syrian stakeholders and prolonging what has become the world’s largest humanitarian crisis since World War II with over 13.5 million persons in need of humanitarian assistance. Inside the country, medicine and basic life supporting commodities are scarce and subject to war profiteering across the fragmented geography of the country. Petrol and gas production dropped and consequently fuel shortages affect every aspect of life especially generating electricity and pumping drinking water.

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Author: Omar abdulaziz hallaj, Common Space Initiative

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