Economic Assessment of Urban Issues For Reconstruction In Syria

The study firstly concerned the urban realities that prevailed prior to the conflict and their significant transformations during it. Syrian cities were largely affected in recent decades by the acceleration of rural-urban migration. The weakness of regional and urban planning led to the development of large informal areas around the main cities and to the rapid growth of medium and large cities. The conflict served to accelerate this extensive rural-urban migration even further, severely damaging assets and mentalities in the process. The research identified some of the principal economic strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and constraints of Syrian cities in their present situation, as well as key issues for ensuring their resilience during and after the conflict …



Samir Aita, Cercle des Economistes Arabes





Project funded by the European Union

This study has been originally produced as a chapter of the State of Syrian Cities 2016–2017 report.

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