Syrian Echoes Newsletter #2 December 2017

Dear All,

We are delighted to present the third edition of the Syrian Echoes newsletter. Syrian Echoes is a collaborative project put together by various Syrian and international partners to highlight diversified readings of the Syrian conflict. It strives to promote new narratives about the conflict that go beyond binary and simplistic depictions, and that shed light on opportunities for peacebuilding that place Syrian voices at the forefront of the process.

In this issue, we provide you with an analysis of the current conflict dynamics inside Syria, followed by a survey captured by one of our Syrian gender experts on the women’s/feminist agenda in Syria, exploring the realities of women on the ground vis-à-vis donor-driven demands. After that, we share comprehensive studies tackling urban recovery in the country. The first of these deals with urban housing and the question of property rights in Syria, where the historical evolution of housing, land and property issues (HLP), and the unfolding of problems related to them during the conflict are explained, along with the potential stepping stones to peace and the immediate issues to consider stemming from the topic. The second paper is an economic assessment of urban issues for the reconstruction in Syria, which investigates the urban realities and the war economy that are inevitable consequences of the conflict. Followed by an economic study of the city of Jarablos, Syria. All three provide numerous case studies based on data collected on the ground. Rounding off this issue are two legal articles that we see as useful sources in helping us expand our collective knowledge about the situation in Syria.

We wish you an absorbing read and peaceful holidays, and warmly welcome any feedback or comments you may have as we continue to develop this publication for our collective use.

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With what appears to be the imminent defeat of the so-called Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, and the growing military gains of the Syrian government and its allies, the Syrian conflict may appear to be reaching its final stages. At least this is the message that President Vladimir Putin aimed to convey during the visit […]

The traditional land tenure systems in Syria are complex and overlapping, stemming from hundreds of years of evolution in the legal as well the socio-economic conditions of the different communities in the country and the region. Some of these systems were codified progressively in the 20th century while others remained outside the control of the […]

The study firstly concerned the urban realities that prevailed prior to the conflict and their significant transformations during it. Syrian cities were largely affected in recent decades by the acceleration of rural-urban migration. The weakness of regional and urban planning led to the development of large informal areas around the main cities and to the […]

Many international and local actors have persisted in their efforts to define the characteristics of the women movement agendas in Syria. Their goals and ambitions are many, but most of them have revolved around wanting to empower Syrian women and maximize their voices, mainly in regards to women participation in matters related to political and […]

October, 2017 A recent economic study provides insight and analysis of the town of Jarablos, a border town, located directly south of the Turkish border. The aspects covered in the study are: the structure of Jarablos (demographic, urban, and services), the economic power (sources of income, investments, credit, and construction activities), markets (industrial, trade, agriculture, trade […]

  November, 2017 A legal study (available in arabic) investigating the Syrian law’s approach to marriage to a non-Muslim, one of the temporary impediments in marriage in the Syrian Law. Still working by the article 48 of the personal status code, which declares the nullity of the marriage concluded between a Muslim woman and a non-Musli ..   Read More   […]

November, 2017 This articles (available in arabic) outlines an overview of the principles of international criminal law and universal jurisdiction. It elaborates the historical context of the commencement principles of international law globally, dividing it into two periods: before and after the second world war. It then follows through the many definitions of ICL have brought out from several international […]

Cover Photo Credit: FABRICE COFFRINI / AFP

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