Policy: Newcomers Integration Challenges & Recommendations

This policy brief alludes to the key choke points that stemmed from a facilitated dialogue held on the 27th April. During this forum, some 50 newcomers discussed main integration challenges and recommendations as identified by them, and linked to issues of civic engagement, employment, education and personal growth and well-being. The brief further highlights where German policy-makers can intervene to reach policy goals of facilitating the integration of newcomers.


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Policy prepared by the DNA.

The Diaspora Network Alliance (DNA) is a newly founded, politically unaffiliated Syrian-led initiative, composed of individuals, organizations and networks in Europe. It supports refugees and diaspora communities to invest in social capital in European communities and their motherlands, and facilitates processes of integration and acculturation by enabling the systematic exchange of resources, experiences and knowledge through a shared, proactive and interactive space owned and guided by its members. The DNA currently has a network of 40 members that are based across Europe.

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