What Ways Forward for Protracted Displacement in Lebanon?

This research explores medium-term approaches toward the refugee response in light of the protracted displacement of Syrian refugees in Lebanon, and was conducted by the Durable Solutions Platform (DSP) and the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies (LCPS).

Led by the DSP and LCPS, the findings and recommendations are based on qualitative data, with an emphasis on Syrian refugee and Lebanese host community voices, and a participatory approach with key stakeholders, including Lebanese government officials, donor governments, international organizations and NGOs. 

Selected recommendations include:

  • Addressing the implications of a lack of legal residency, for instance through engaging different interlocutors on the importance of legal residency status, exploring a moratorium on arrests and detentions as a result of lacking legal residency, allocating funding and building the capacities of the Lebanese judiciary to enforce the rule of law.

  • Navigating shared challenges for all children in Lebanon, by continuing to support school enrolment and emphasizing improved learning outcomes through prioritizing the revision of the Lebanese curriculum, unifying existing data management frameworks and developing an education sector plan that covers all children in Lebanon.

  • Bridging livelihoods interventions and economic solutions, by harnessing the untapped potential of Lebanon’s construction, agricultural, and environmental sectors to the available labor force in the country, supporting Local Economic Development (LED) and Integrated Territorial Investments (ITI) approaches and improving decent work standards.

  • Support increasing vulnerabilities through social assistance schemes, for which there is no substitute, by scaling-up multi-purpose cash assistance interventions to vulnerable Syrian refugees and Lebanese host communities, and incorporating lessons learned from the existing humanitarian response into national service delivery.

In light of the current economic challenges facing Lebanon, and Covid-19, vulnerabilities among Lebanese host communities are increasing while Syrians are facing an increasingly uncertain stay in Lebanon. At this challenging time, it becomes more vital for the refugee response to encapsulate more sustainable approaches that address common issues faced by all vulnerable people, and contribute to strengthening national systems while continuing to address specific displacement-related vulnerabilities of refugees from Syria. 


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