About Syrian Echoes

Syrian Echoes is a collaborative project funded by the foreign ministries of Finland and Norway. While the website and newsletter is hosted by the Common Space Initiative, the project is put together by various Syrian and international partners to provide an open platform to highlight diversified readings of the Syrian conflict. It strives to promote new narratives about the conflict that go beyond binary and simplistic depictions, and that shed light on opportunities for peacebuilding that place Syrian voices at the forefront of the process.



Most of the political discussions around Syria have been reduced to white and black images of who’s right and whose wrong, who’s to blame and who’s not to blame, trying to create these simplistic narrative on Syria that tend to ignore the conflict dynamics on the ground and try to position binary solutions. We are trying to look at where there are opportunities for bottom-up approaches for peace, where there are people doing some good work on the ground to help support stabilization and help support people coming together from the different geographies of Syria.

The intention here is to use the website, the newsletter and events under this project as an outlet for the different actors on peacebuilding in Syria to start promoting new narratives on Syria.


About the project

The Syrian Echoes’ project is a collaborative work that many Syrian partners contributed to. The issue here is to present diversified readings of the Syrian conflict that can help zoom in and narrow in on opportunities for peace building. The partners who have worked on this outlet are hoping to bring different scholarly work, but also readings from the ground on where there are opportunities for peacebuilding and understanding a bit the conflict dynamics in Syria in a more balanced way to try to develop ideas and initiatives that can support peacebuilding in Syria.


Most of the contributors to this outlet are from different Syrian and international actors who are engaged directly in one way in another, doing peace work on the ground or in track 3 and track 2 type dialogues. The idea is that, through these antennas that hardly anybody seems to be exploring in the public sphere, we try to bring in voices and ideas that can be a bit more constructive as opposed to the zero-sum binary positioning that is most syntonic of the Syrian conflict.

We are hoping, as we go along, that we start bringing along more and more partners that are interested in exploring these possibilities, putting in their ideas and their platforms, and exploring their potential for reaching out to wider audiences.