Category: Conflict Dynamics

With what appears to be the imminent defeat of the so-called Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, and the growing military gains of the Syrian government and its allies, the Syrian conflict may appear to be reaching its final stages. At least this is the message that President Vladimir Putin aimed to convey during the visit […]

Author: Common Space Initiative,   The past few months have seen international and regional actors stepping up their game in Syria. The unprecedented agreement that was reached in Astana between Moscow, Ankara and Tehran on 4 May allowed idealists and critics alike to envisage an incremental stabilization plan that could enable the beginning of the […]

29/03/2017 The Intra-Syrian peace talks in Geneva are progressing slowly while the conflict dynamics on the ground are changing rapidly. Yet, the disconnect between the top-down international efforts to contain and manage the conflict (entering its seventh year this March) and the local and regional drivers of violence is manifest.  The inability to find realistic […]