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The paper reviews the gaps in Syrian development between the years 2000 and 2011, and analyses the government efforts to try to overcome the gaps and implement an initiative to reach reconciliation and justice. The paper examines the Syrian National Post-Conflict Development Programme, the National Reconciliation Committee, Decree 107 and the proclamation of administrative decentralization.. […]

October, 2017 A recent economic study provides insight and analysis of the town of Jarablos, a border town, located directly south of the Turkish border. The aspects covered in the study are: the structure of Jarablos (demographic, urban, and services), the economic power (sources of income, investments, credit, and construction activities), markets (industrial, trade, agriculture, trade […]

  November, 2017 A legal study (available in arabic) investigating the Syrian law’s approach to marriage to a non-Muslim, one of the temporary impediments in marriage in the Syrian Law. Still working by the article 48 of the personal status code, which declares the nullity of the marriage concluded between a Muslim woman and a non-Musli ..   Read More   […]

November, 2017 This articles (available in arabic) outlines an overview of the principles of international criminal law and universal jurisdiction. It elaborates the historical context of the commencement principles of international law globally, dividing it into two periods: before and after the second world war. It then follows through the many definitions of ICL have brought out from several international […]

Author: Lorenzo Trombetta, the battle against the so-called Islamic State (ISIS) progresses in Syria, and details of Russia’s de-escalation zone plan slowly solidify, the push for a political solution and constitutional negotiations could likely retake the spotlight in the next round of talks set for late August in Astana and September in Geneva. The military […]

Author: Syrian Center for Policy Research, The Syrian Center for Policy Research has published a detailed, field-based report on the impact of the armed conflict in Syria on social relations. It uses the concept of social capital as an approach to analyzing trust, cooperation, and shared values in different regions in Syria over time, and proposes […]

Author:  Samir Aita, Cercle des Economistes Arabes, A research study was conducted to identify key methods of analysis, essential data collection, monitoring and frameworks to address the economic assessment of urban issues for the reconstruction of post-conflict Syria. The research identified some of the primary economic strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and constraints of Syrian cities […]

In the second quarter of 2017, a large number of health, education and other services facilities were destroyed as a result of the aerial bombardments. The number of facilities severly damaged was 24 ones mostly concentrated in the governorate of Idlib with 14 damed ones. The rest damages facilities were four ones in the countryside […]

The Forced Dispersion Report diagnoses population status in Syria before and during the crisis by adopting participatory rights-based approach. The report re-estimates key pre crisis demographic indicators, which allows for different understanding of the population challenges. Read More     Author: Syrian Center for Policy Research December, 2016